You can be anything.

Anonymous asked:
I'm sad.

Do you wanna talk about it? If so, I’m all ears. If not, I’m really sorry and I hope you feel better. 

Anonymous asked:
what's your opinion on people who treat others different because of their race/gender/sexuality? i often feel singled out due to being a different race to the majority of people living where i am and it fucking sucks.


white people kill. black people kill.
females rape. men rape.
gay people do drugs. straight people do drugs. 

none of it makes a difference. we’re all the same, we’re all human, we’re all capable of the same things. we’re all equal. 

people who believe otherwise, people who believe there is something separating us from each other are arrogant, ignorant and uneducated. 

that’s all there is to it.

Anonymous asked:
Do you prefer boys or girls?

Uhh, girls, but I can see beauty in everyone!


i want tattoos and self esteem


Be good to nature. It was here before you and it will outlast you.

If you support gay marriage reblog this. If you’re on the homophobic side, keep scrolling.







As a bisexual, it sickens me that some people WILL keep scrolling.

As the straight daughter of a gay man, it sickens me that some people will keep scrolling. 

As a straight girl with a basic understanding of equality and love, it also sickens me that people will keep scrolling.

As a straight Christian woman, I pray that people will not scroll past this. Love, not judge.

I’m re-reblogging for that last one.


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